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Linda Mosner
Lori McQuistan
Andy Krueger
After my last pregnancy, I was struggling to lose that last 30 pounds of the 50 I had gained. I lacked energy, suffered from frequent migraines and I was out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. I realized it was time to get back into shape! After a decade of working out solo with free weights and treadmills, I was ready for something fresh and new. I heard about the group exercise classes at the Fitness Center and thought the group element sounded ideal.
I joined the Valentine Health and Fitness Center and started taking Group Power three times a week. After doing strength training for one year, I realized I had hit a plateu and needed something more. I added Group Blast class to my regimen for a cardio boost. What a difference! The extra pounds started to melt away.
Since joining the Fitness Center in 2009 and working out regularly, I no longer suffer from migraines. In addition to the great group classes offered, I joined the Weight Loss Challenge hosted by the Fitness Center. Adding in the educational meetings and healthier meals, I have lost 36 pounds and have gained muscle tone. I can run races with my kids in the backyard and ride bikes with my family without getting tired. I look good and feel great, thanks to all that is offered at the Fitness Center!
I was headed toward having to take cholesterol-lowering drugs and blood pressure medicine! I had NO energy or strength, and, as much as I tried, I could not lose weight! I was running out of breath just trying to keep up with my job! I have a new granddaughter, and started thinking, "am I going to be around in 8-10 years to spend time with her, or other grandkids?" My doctor recommended Valentine Health & Fitness, to start slow, but GET MOVING! So, I did. They really care about the people that join and want to GET HEALTHY. I have been a member for just 4 months, my cholesterol is DOWN, my weight is DOWN, my blood pressure is DOWN, my endurance is UP, my energy and strength is UP, my spirit is UP! I have learned so much by going to Valentine Health & Fitness. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to stay healthy, get healthy, and learn more about their own health and fitness. Let's GET MOVING :)!

I have been self-conscious and uncomfortable with my weight for the majority of my life. I’ve missed out on tons of adventures and experiences because of it, and have only recently begun to appreciate my reflection in the mirror. I’ve tried all kinds of fad diets and diet pills, but I would always end up losing 15 pounds and then gaining back 20. Oddly enough, I think that I always knew what the problem was-eating loads of junk in my diet and not moving nearly enough. Last October, I joined Valentine Health and Fitness Center to try and stay a little more active through the winter. In December, I finally found the courage to start attending evening classes at the gym, and walked away with one of the best support groups I’ve ever known. Just after Christmas I decided to take it one step further, and joined the Biggest Loser Challenge for the first time. The weekly weigh-in, group atmosphere, and overall challenge was a perfect fit for me. I fought, kicked, and cried my way through 34 pounds during the first 12 weeks, and another 20 over the next 14 weeks. I’ve now lost a total of 75 pounds, and everything in my life is better and easier! For me, it was as simple as Eat Less, Move More. I work hard to make smarter, healthier choices in my diet and to maintain an active lifestyle. It’s not easy, but the friends and support group that I have found at the Health and Fitness Center make it a lot more fun!